Yö Fest

Annual multidisciplinary arts festival!  


Yö Fest presents the various art of Artists' Association Yö's member artists.
Artworks are curated into four group exhibitions during March and April,
and into two weeks of concerts, events and performances during May.


Yö Fest vol. 3 takes place 3.3.-14.5.2023
The location is Yö Galleria, Lönnrotinkatu 33, in the centre of Helsinki.


Everyone is welcome to Yö Fest. All exhibitions and events are free of charge.
Performances and events are also streamed online via YöTube
The festival is a tribute to art and its audience - without an audience there is no art.


Previous years:

Yö Fest vol. 1
4.3.-2.5. and 5.-29.8.2021

Yö Fest vol. 2

The event is supported by the City of Helsinki.