Yö Fest: A Long Road Towards Singularity

Concert at Yö Galleria 10.5. at 7pm

LIVE-STREAM: https://youtu.be/IibijSZQy-4

Our competence of understanding and processing the information has its limits. Actually, compared to machines, our development is already too slow and too chaotic. At some point, the amount of information our wetware would be able to process, wouldn't be enough to solve all everyday problems, so better beings will have to help us control our mess.
And then, at some point, machines would start to create better machines. And development will be so fast then, time wouldn't matter anymore, our time of course. Embrace the future and try to deal with information as long as you can.

Robert Prakapovich
Kristine Tukre
Hamidreza Keshvarpajuch
Mark Reid Bulatovič


Artists Talking 

Artists Talking is series of one-on-one thoughtful conversations with contemporary artists working in Finland. It explores artistic personality as well as the professional and personal questions, themes, and concerns artists encounter. It aims to create a supportive and casual space for exploring creative process and artistic life in Finland. The talks take place at Yö Galleria in downtown Helsinki. The conversations are recorded and presented on-line as a podcast series. The language of the program is English.

Artists Talking includes a diverse group of Finnish-, Swedish-speaking, and international artists from various artistic fields. The conversations are hosted by Alexander Komlosi.  Alexander is an actor, teacher, researcher, and Artistic Director of Kulttuuriyhdistys Culture Current ry.  Culture Current, an arts and education non-for-profit, is producing the project in collaboration with Yö ry.  Artists Talking is made possible by funding from Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Arts Council Finland, as well as support from Culture Current, its members, and supporting members.

The first pilot conversation will be with Robert Prokopowicz on May 10, 2022 at Yö Galleria after Robert’s concert.  Robert Prokopowicz is a multidisciplinary composer and sound designer working on topics of postmodernism, microtone techniques and psychoacoustics.   The podcast of the conversation will be available in autumn 2022, when Artists Talking will be launched. See www.culturecurrent.org