"The Heroes of Action Painting behind the Windows with Utu Lautturi & Rudolf Styler"


20.3.2021 6.00 pm -> 

The mythical windows of Yö Sali open to the public, but only for a moment as the Eastern Uusimaa night walkers of Yö ry's produce a performative live performance under the name "The Heroes of Action Painting Behind the Windows with Utu Lautturi & Rudolf Styler". in which the sound provides the form and starting point for the unpredictable events of collective painting. In a sensually holistic performance, the viewer can gets lost in mood, gloom, darkness, night, and light.

The event is streamed live on Yö's own Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKCgjtrZbMQ

Painters: Isabel Pathirane, Karo Malmivaara and Ilari Vanhatalo
Sound: Mikko Silventoinen a.k.a. Utu Lautturi
Light: Harri Ahvenainen a.k.a. Rudolf Styler


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